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Sonya „Zimbra“ Lafayette was born shortly after the destruction of Kilrah to a Family belonging to Clan nar Ragitagha. Due to the ensuing civil war her father left to fight for their Clan’s honour. Uncertain about his fate Zimbra and her mother were forced to flee from the chaos of war and landed on a remote planet on the outskirts of the crumbling remains of the Old Empire. There the only true law was “might makes right” and soon after growing up in these conditions Zimbra fell in with multiple different crews of scoundrels, outcasts, and undesirables and with each passing day experienced a new side of the savagery prevalent in the depths of the underground. Pirate gangs would come and go as they pleased taking anything that isn’t nailed down with them and if people resisted, they would torch entire neighbourhoods to the ground. After seeing the depths of depravity for most of her life Zimbra decided to escape the nightmare and snuck abroad one of the few smuggler freighters landing on the planet leaving everything and her mother behind. Without a plan in her new life she wandered places until she ran across a TCN recruitment poster. She remembered who they are. She remembered the stories of her father her mother told her.

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