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Llanto “Vale” Freishütz in his early years lived alone with his mother on a planet harbouring refugee Varni. For the most part they were able to get food and stay sheltered, however as the funds of his hometown became thinner and thinner, Vale couldn't attend appropriate education and was not as wise and mature as other average Varni for his age. He did however wield a fascination with space travel, attending any fighter displays and teachings he could, often taking a worn notebook with him to sketch and examine the intricate details of the various shuttle. When these displays couldn't be attended, young Vale would often sit outside on cold nights and study the appearance of space with its many constellations as well, writing those into the same book aswell.

As time passed however, Vale's mother grew weak and ill from age. With her being unable to provide for them both Vale was forced to aim for something larger than errands or part-times and set out into the universe in hopes of finding an occupation so his mother could finally rest.


When Vale stumbled across that recruitment advertisement for the TCN he knew it would be the best choice, He was swooned by the idea of titles and medals, supporting his family and the adventures he could have traversing in space.

And with that, in the midst of his training, it became apparent that thanks to Vale’s obsessions with the stars and knowledge of many fighters that he was a natural, proving excellent piloting and weapon skills. Though fellow trainees around him noted it was clear that his dim-wittedness liked to shine once in a while, as Vale tended to fail a task almost at random, no matter how simple or complex it were, though Vale says the reason for these shortcomings are not of his own, but from some unexplained curse, claiming it is payment for their natural excellence in space flight, which mysteriously enough was a trait harboured by all previous pilots in his family.

Because of his talent in flying and eagerness he takes a preference of fighters on the lighter side. Vale was then assigned as a fighter pilot for the “Ravens”, Earning the callsign Vale during basic training from the strange ways he would part ways with new people he met.

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