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Tobias "Cinder" Fox grew up as an orphan and spent his younger years pretty much average without any abnormalities. Early on he noticed that he was pretty good at repairing and tinkering with mechanical stuff which he started to do during his time in school on little things he found here and there on the streets. After his time in school he went and got an apprenticeship as a mechanic, with which he could finally get his own small apartment, even if money was short sometimes. Sadly the owner of the apprenticeship-location passed away of old age and the only other worker there already looked for another job-offer instead of taking over, so Tobias couldn't finish his apprenticeship and decided to look for another job. Since he is someone, that likes to try different things and wants to do something that makes a difference he decided to join the TCN where he also finished his apprenticeship as a mechanic. During basic training it quickly showed that his skill in repairing and tinkering with mechanics also translates into the actual usage of them which makes him pretty skilled in piloting fighters, he prefers the heavier models though. Because of this he was assigned as a fighter pilot to the new voluntary squadron "Ravens". He earned his callsign "Cinder" during both his time in the simulator as well as his first test-mission where he reduced his enemies to nothing but cinders.

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