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Sternzeit: 2706.137
SIS - Schiffsinformationssystem TCS Fearless
Kommandant: nicht besetzt
Acting Captain: Fireworks
Spielleiter: Fireworks
Co-Spielleiter: nicht besetzt
Geschwaderführer: McFly
Berichtschreiber: Cinder
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The Caenavern of the Fearless battlegroup acts as a forward scout and spotter for the Destroyers, whilst also providing communication and EWAR support. The Stardusts task meanwhile is anti-capship support, as well as primarily dealing with corvettes and frigates of their size. Additionally, the Stardusts also house the majority of marine and navy shuttles and dropships.

Class Code Name
Caenavern  FF-412 TCS Vizier
Stardust  FF-461 TCS Blade
Stardust  FF-462 TCS Arrow

Working in tandem with the TCS Vizier and each other, the destroyers are tasked with detecting and destroying enemy capital ships, before they even realize where the battlegroup is. Otherwise they are tasked with the defense of the otherwise helpless Caernaven-class vessel.

Class Code Name
Coventry DD-44 TCS Artemis
Coventry DD-45 TCS Poseidon

Primarily tasked with the defense of the TCS Fearless against capital ships and fighter-bomber squadrons, it has been an integral part of the Fearless battlegroup since it's inception. Countless years of cooperation with each other have made the Tallahassees of the Fearless battlegroup an incredibly dangerous opponent.

Class Code Name
Tallahassee CA-37 TCS Courageous
Tallahassee CA-321 TCS Vandal

The home base of pilots, scientists, marines and other navy personnel. Also houses every fighter utilized by the battlegroup. Have limited point defense and anti-capship capabilities and require the support of the battlegroup and their fighters to deal with opponents effectively.

Class Code Name
Ranger CV-47 TCS Fearless
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