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Kappa Terminal
Sternzeit: 2706.141
SIS - Schiffsinformationssystem TCS Fearless
Kommandant: nicht besetzt
Acting Captain: Fireworks
Spielleiter: Fireworks
Co-Spielleiter: nicht besetzt
Geschwaderführer: McFly
Berichtschreiber: Cinder
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Name Claudius "Roman" Flavius
Rank Master Sergeant
Occupation Head of the Marine Contingent aboard the TCS Fearless
Age 34
Eye color Brown
Hair color Bald
Description Your stereotypical marine who prefers the toughness of field work over occupying a boring desk job. His sarcastic humour is a farce for the caring man behind the visor, but years of participating in marine operations aboard starships have taught him, that opening up to others is of little point. But his marine colleagues and pilots usually can see right through it. Very hot-headed if pushed enough. Is being mocked frequently for his nickname, but is equally feared by his enemies.


Name Wayne Bicks
Rank Corporal
Occupation MSgt. Flavius Second-in-Command
Age 27
Eye color Brown
Hair color Blonde
Description A self-made man who has proven his worth countless times to the Marines and his peers. Compared to MSgt. Flavius, he is rather calm and calculating, but offers plenty of humourous jokes and a feeling of "home" during times of peace and quiet. A team player who perfectly complements the shortcomings of his superior.


Name Emmanuel "The Thinker" Abbott
Rank Chief Petty Officer
Occupation Chief Technician aboard the TCS Fearless
Age 26
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Description Talented at his craft, rose quickly through the ranks after being employed by the TCN. Has his nickname from the telltale "Thinker" pose when he's observing difficult cases of damage on ships or has to solve hard problems. Is rather quiet and stoic, probably not the best person to have a meaningful conversation with, but has the right words at the right time.


Name Sabrina "Hubris" Colt
Rank Lieutenant
Occupation Head of the Scientific Division aboard the TCS Fearless
Age 29
Eye color Gray
Hair color Blonde
Description Very upbeat, talkative character. Often overestimates herself, netting her the moniker "Hubris" by her peers, but her confidence is well earned. Young, determined and talented, she has successfully learned multiple alien languages and is an expert at deciphering unknown language on artifacts. Albeit her initial translations are often vulgar and inappropriate.


Name Richard Richter
Rank Petty Officer
Occupation Communications Officer aboard the TCS Fearless
Age 31
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Description The fabled "voice on the radio". Whenever the TCS Fearless sends a message to her pilots, it's his voice the pilots will hear, unless it's the Commander himself speaking. Somehow ended up dead-ending his career, but he seems quite cheerful about it. Is mortally afraid of animals of the type felis catus, but somehow shows little to no signs of fear around Kilrathi.


Name Gladys "Athena" Masterson
Rank Warrant Officer
Occupation Coordinator and Gunner for the Fire Control System aboard the Fearless
Age 30
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brunette
Description A tall, proud and muscular woman. Likely to turn every man around her bleak when she takes her jacket off and kisses her biceps. Has earned the nickname "Athena" for her incredible accuracy with point defense weapon systems. Has a dirty sense of humour and laughs loud and proud. Doesn't really have a lot of dates, likely due to her intimidating appearance. Is the unbeaten champion at arm wrestling aboard the TCS Fearless and her battlegroup.


Name Julia "Mom" Hawthorne
Rank Ensign
Occupation Chief Medical Officer aboard the TCS Fearless
Age 47
Eye color Brown
Hair color Blonde
Description Extremely caring, slightly aloof when she's not practicing medicine, but as sharp as a scalpel in the operating room. The first person to criticize anyones, even the Commanders, tiny faults in their uniform, but loved and appreciated by both the brass and the regular crew on board. Some suspect the Marines praise her as a goddess. Proud mother of two, will talk about her childrens recent accomplishments out of the blue.


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