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A drink between enemies.
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2nd Lieutenant
2nd Lieutenant
Re: A drink between enemies.

Beitragvon Vale » 9. April 2022 22:48

Vale grins again, very crookedly though.
"Atta' girl."
he then signals the bartender for another bottle.

And thus followed a long night of unexpected bonding, stories were shared and once the duo were intoxicated enough, they even managed to get some local patrons standing around in the bar involved.
There was the occasional song and dance, though those were certainly nothing to gawk about, being drunk doesn't exactly help your voice or moves afterall.
With space shanties sung and confessions of admiration spread, the small varni came up behind the tall kilrathi once more, loosely wrapping his arm around the back of her fuzzy waist.

Vale smiles

"Y'knowsss... you're not too bad for a kilrathi.."

Both of them drunkenly stagger and smile at each other, and a distant voice of a marine can be heard nearby.

"One last toast for a prosperous future!"
Cheering fills the bar as the night nears it's end.



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