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A lesson in engineering
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2nd Lieutenant
2nd Lieutenant
Re: A lesson in engineering

Beitragvon Vale » 9. Juli 2022 18:19

Vale held the book tighter, smiled and nodded.

"Yeah. Quite a lot."
he kept smiling, he just couldn't help himself.
"I had no idea all these tools meant something, or what they did, how to use them and-"
he lifted the book forwards in front of himself.
"It's so.. brilliant!"

he kept smiling at the book, his tail now at a constant swishing motion.
"I mean, can I really keep it?"
"It's just that, it is yours and.. I don't know where you got it I just.."

Vale sighed


1st Lieutenant
1st Lieutenant
Re: A lesson in engineering

Beitragvon Zimbra » 9. Juli 2022 18:31

"I just found it in the ship... dunno where it came from or when it was made even, but it helped out quite a bit"

Zimbra put her tools back into the toolbox and cleaned up the place

"You can keep it if you want, think of it as a present"

after finishing up the cleanup Zimbra turned back to the reading Varni standing closely next to her lost in the engineering book

"I guess that is done so how about we look at your ship now"


2nd Lieutenant
2nd Lieutenant
Re: A lesson in engineering

Beitragvon Vale » 9. Juli 2022 18:45

Vale lit up at the proposition.
He even hopped from excitement a little.
"Of course!! this changes so much!"
he looked down and started to think
"If we could change the very layout of the ship, we could gear it to fit my strengths and weaknesses... and perhaps give those thrusters a bit of a kick too and and..."
he just begun to murmur thoughts to himself, completely lost in the moment.

shaking his head a little, he looked back up to Zimbra with an infectious smile.

"Let's go."

Vale helped the kilrathi gather all her equipment and tools, making sure no loose component would pose a risk next mission.
They then set forward to his ship, and spent the remaining day exploring and tinkering the fighter, adjusting software and mechanisms that seemed to have been set for a pilot of a, well taller size.
The duo once again shared stories and continued to bond, carving an unlikely friendship against all odds.

Least, Vale thought it was just friendship he was after.



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